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Payasa Rice is truly a miracle of modern agricultural science. The development of polished white rice with high fibre content is a novel concept which has not been successfully achieved by other agricultural scientists in the country.

After years of painstaking research, we have developed a rice variety – Payasa Gold Rice – that contains 16% dietary fibre content even after polishing. This variety has been developed by the application of classical plant breeding techniques like mutation breeding, hybridization and selection and biochemical screening methods.

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  • For the entire family

    In its most simple form as boiled rice or in its multi-varied forms

  • Suitable for most diet types

    Excellent source of dietary fibre, carbohydrate, energy, protein

  • Best alternative to traditional rice

    Divine taste, texture, flavour with wholesome health benefits

Excellent nutritional profile

The finest agricultural practices are used in the cultivation of Payasa rice and these include total avoidance of banned chemical fungicides and pesticides. Payasa rice is, therefore, totally free from toxins in any form. Stringent quality control measures are employed at every stage of production. Scientifically planned random genotyping in the breeder seed lots are sown in contract farmers’ fields to maintain stringent purity standards. Finally, biochemical tests ensure that every grain is packed with high levels of dietary fibre content.

Payasa Gold
Payasa Gold Rice
Compared to other white rice
  • 16x

    more dietary

  • 2x


  • 8%


  • Low

    Glycemic Index


Our rice has a heavenly taste and they are as close to nature as it can be.

  • Low Fat Rice

    High Dietary Fibre & Protein

    With Payasa you get the best

  • Gluten Free Rice

    Gluten Free

    Yes, gluten free. You get the heavenly taste with no side effect. Good for the entire family!

  • Natural Healthy Rice

    100% Natural

    Our rice is grown 100% naturally.

  • Made In India Rice

    Made in India

    Buy local! Help improve the livelihoods of our communities.